Nota de lançamento / Piwigo 1.2.0

Major feature enhancements

Baixar o Piwigo 1.2.0

Lançado em 11 novembro 2002

  • Multi-server : PhpWebGallery can use several different server to store pictures for the same gallery.
  • unlimited number of levels for categories. You can place as many sub-categories levels as you wish.
  • Users comments under each picture displayed as a forum topic.
  • Search (simple, but will be improved for next version)
  • Favorites : registered users can access to a “favorites” section containing the pictures they chose as their favorites.
  • Mail-address generator : you can generate a address mail for all the registered users of your site knowing each mail-address. You can then use your usual mail client.
  • Restriction access by category (in addition to restriction access by user)
  • Upload of pictures by members.
  • Many bug corrections and code improved…