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-In order to gain targeted exposure on the Internet, you need to make sure the right people see your ads at the right time and that means that you need to be able to correctly leverage the power of things like publishing your own press releases. If you want your press release to give you long term results then you should fist work on giving it a strong foundation so that it provides you the kind of results that you want. The following article discusses a few tips that will help you find success with your press release and ensure that it makes an impact on your target audience... 
-When you want to email your press release to journalists do not simply attach it to the mail is you won't get anywhere with that. As you already understand, journalists are super busy and don't want to get attachments from people that they don't know and this is why you need to make sure that you do not make this mistake. So should you just copy and paste the whole press release into the body of your email? This idea isn't super terrible but it isn't exactly recommended. When you want to offer the most professional image of your company possible, you should simply write a short and to the point description of the release you have written and then link to it--easy! Take a look at this example of an [[http://www.prweb.com/releases/OhioPersonalInjuryLawyer/OhioWrongfulDeathLawyer/prweb10564222.htm| Ohio wrongful death attorney]] utilizing a press release to acknowledge a brand new worker. If you happen to email your press release to journalists and other people then make sure you send it in the midweek. If, for example, you send it on a Friday, you are going to have less of a chance of your email being opened because the person you send it to is likely just getting ready for the weekend. And if you send it on Monday, your recipients are most likely just recovering from their weekends; this is why it is better to send it during the other days of the week (except, obviously, for the weekend days). 
-Watch your stats so that you will know how well your press release performs on each site through which you distribute your release. The things that you need to understand the most about your stats is how many visitors your press release generates, how many of those visitors click through to your site and how many of those click through convert to sales. You need to know these points of data if you want to be able to figure out whether your press release has succeeded or railed which is something that can help you build a better release with a stronger impact in the future. Every single step you take towards promoting your product/service on the Internet can prove to be effective, if you have the right start and get the basics correct. The same thing is true for writing and promoting your press releases; if you ignore the basic foundation in this arena, then your press release results won't be anything but mediocre. So start focusing on acting on what we've taught you here about making your press releases work so that you can see better results. 
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