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-Going to Boracay soon? I think it is best you start looking for the right [[www.boracaytraveldirectory.com/|Boracay hotels ]]and resorts that can accommodate you. Although there are so many hotels in the island, you might run out of rooms to stay in if you choose to book at the last minute. Choosing the hotel early will also give you an advantage of ensuring that you have chosen the right hotel where you can stay in. 
-Every time I go to the island, I always make sure that I get a reservation for one of the Boracay resorts early. I do this because Boracay can get pretty crowded, especially during the months when they observe their super peak season. This usually covers the months of March to June and November to January. During these months, you will really need to book early as most people flock to the island. 
-You cannot just rely that there are lots of [[http://www.boracaytraveldirectory.com/|Boracay]] hotels and resorts that you can choose from. If you have chosen to travel to the island during the super peak months, you will have a hard time getting a room. Other times, you might have to make do with what is available. This means you will be staying in a hotel which will be too far from the beach or where the bars can be found. 
-I always make it a point to look for new Boracay resorts and keep them on file. This is so I can get in touch with them if I will be going to the island during the busy summer months. I like choosing these new resorts and hotels because sometimes they have a promo that will give me a huge discount on the rooms I stay in. I suggest you take a look at these hotels too so you can find out if they will be able to save you your money during your vacation in the island. 
-Apart from saving the contact numbers of the Boracay hotels and resorts, I also make sure I have information on the different restaurants that can be found throughout the island. This is so I can easily get in touch with them if I am on vacation. If it is peak season, I can just give them a call and they can reserve a seat for me. 
-Going to Boracay during Holy Week can be fun and exciting. However, I make sure that I have everything I need before my plane leaves. Aside from having a reservation with the good Boracay resorts, I see to it that the weather is perfect. By doing this, I can make sure that my trip to the island will always be a pleasurable one. 
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