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Physical Browser Uploader

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About: This plugin permits to upload images to physical albums using a HTML5 web browser form, instead of using a FTP client as default in Piwigo.

Make sure webserver process user have write permission to physical folders.

Since version 2.9.f this plugin accept configuration in LocalFiles Editor:
-- Default options are: $conf["pbu"] = array("prepare_filename" => true, "auto_rename" => true);
-- "prepare_filename" will remove all non-alphanumeric and spaces from filename if true and keep original filename if false.
-- in case file already exist "auto_rename" will auto rename the file if true and overwrite if false.

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Revision 2.9.f 103 Downloads, Released on 2018-02-19
Revision 2.9.e 220 Downloads, Released on 2018-02-07
Download revision 2.9.e

Compatible with: 2.9

Available languages: 1 (see)

English [UK]

bug fixes and improved security

Revision 2.9.d 90 Downloads, Released on 2018-02-06
Revision 2.9.c 110 Downloads, Released on 2018-02-03
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